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Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder | Natural Dental Care | Gingivitis, Bad Breath Tooth Powder | For Healthy Gums/Herbal Tooth Powder/Sensitivity Relief, Pack of 3

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Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder | Natural Dental Care | Gingivitis, Bad Breath Tooth Powder | For Healthy Gums/Herbal Tooth Powder/Sensitivity Relief, Pack of 3

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  • 150 G - Rs. 180.00

Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder | Natural Dental Care | Gingivitis, Bad Breath Tooth Powder | For Healthy Gums/Herbal Tooth Powder/Sensitivity Relief, Pack of 3



Cloves (Lavang) benefit teeth by relieving toothache, reducing inflammation, and exhibiting antimicrobial properties, promoting oral health and fresh breath.


Ajwain (carom seeds) benefits for teeth include antimicrobial properties that combat oral bacteria, reducing bad breath, promoting gum health, and relieving toothache and oral discomfort.


Babul, or Acacia, benefits teeth by combating cavities, strengthening gums, reducing plaque, and providing natural antimicrobial action for overall oral health and hygiene.


Neem benefits oral health by reducing gum inflammation, preventing cavities, and fighting bacteria. Its antimicrobial properties promote healthy teeth and gums naturally.


Wet your mouth, take the desired quantity, and gently massage your teeth with the powder. Rinse with water. Repeat if necessary. This powder is non-foaming. Use twice a day or as necessary for optimum results.

Using Ayurvedic DARDGO Dant Manjan is simple and effective. Follow these steps for optimal oral care:

  1. Wet Toothbrush: Wet your toothbrush with water.
  2. Dip into Dant Manjan: Dip the wet toothbrush into the Ayurvedic DARDGO Dant Manjan. Ensure that the bristles are coated with the powder.
  3. Brush Gently: Brush your teeth thoroughly using gentle, circular motions. Pay attention to all surfaces of your teeth and gums.
  4. Massage Gums: While brushing, massage your gums with the Dant Manjan to promote gum health.
  5. Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse your mouth and toothbrush thoroughly with water after brushing.
  6. Spit Out Excess: Spit out the excess Dant Manjan, making sure not to swallow it.
  7. Use Regularly: For optimal results, use DARDGO Dant Manjan at least twice a day, preferably in the morning and before bedtime.
  8. Avoid Water Contact: Avoid contact with water inside the container to prevent moisture from affecting the quality of the product.

Follow these steps consistently for a refreshing and Ayurvedic-inspired oral care routine. Individual preferences may vary, so adjust the quantity based on personal comfort and experience.


Ayurvedic Dant Manjan offers oral health benefits:

  1. Natural Cleansing: Gently cleans teeth and gums.
  2. Fresh Breath: Combats bad breath effectively.
  3. Gum Health: Strengthens and promotes healthy gums.
  4. Anti-Bacterial: Fights bacteria to prevent cavities.
  5. Herbal Ingredients: Typically includes natural herbs for holistic oral care.
  6. Plaque Control: Helps in reducing plaque formation.
  7. Tooth Sensitivity: Alleviates sensitivity in some formulations.
  8. Ayurvedic Wisdom: Draws from traditional Ayurvedic knowledge for comprehensive dental care.
  9. Chemical-Free: Often formulated without harsh chemicals for a more natural approach


DARDGO Ayurvedic Dant Manjan is suitable for individuals seeking natural and holistic oral care. It is especially beneficial for:

  1. All Ages: Suitable for both adults and children.
  2. Gum Health: Ideal for promoting healthy gums and preventing gum-related issues.
  3. Cavity Prevention: Helps in preventing cavities with its anti-bacterial properties.
  4. Fresh Breath: Combats bad breath effectively for lasting freshness.
  5. Sensitive Teeth: Some formulations may alleviate tooth sensitivity.
  6. Natural Ingredients: Formulated with herbal ingredients, avoiding harsh chemicals.
  7. Plaque Control: Assists in reducing plaque formation for cleaner teeth.
  8. Chemical-Free Preference: Suited for those preferring chemical-free oral care.
  9. Ayurvedic Enthusiasts: Draws from traditional Ayurvedic wisdom for comprehensive dental wellness.
  10. Daily Oral Hygiene: Ideal for daily use to maintain overall oral hygiene.

Always perform a patch test for potential allergies and adjust usage based on individual preferences. Incorporate DARDGO Ayurvedic Dant Manjan into your daily oral care routine for a refreshing and natural approach to dental wellness.


What is Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder?

Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder is a natural tooth powder formulated with Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients, designed to promote oral hygiene, strengthen teeth, and maintain gum health.

How does Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder benefit oral health?

Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder is believed to offer benefits such as teeth strengthening, gum health improvement, and prevention of various oral issues.

What are the key ingredients in Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder?

Ingredients often include herbs like neem, clove, mint, and other Ayurvedic botanicals known for their oral care properties.

How is Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder used?

Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder is typically used by dipping a toothbrush into the powder and brushing the teeth as a part of the daily oral care routine.

Can Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder replace traditional toothpaste?

Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder can be an alternative to toothpaste, providing natural ingredients for oral care. However, individual preferences may vary.

Does Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder contain fluoride?

Most Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powders are fluoride-free. Check the product label for specific details if you have concerns about fluoride.

Can Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder help with bad breath?

Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder often contains ingredients like clove and mint, which are known for their breath-freshening properties.

Is Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder safe for sensitive teeth?

Many formulations are designed to be gentle, but individuals with sensitive teeth should consult with a dentist before use.

Can Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder be used by children?

While generally safe, it's advisable to use products specifically formulated for children, and parents should monitor usage.

Does Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder have a gritty texture?

The texture varies among different formulations. Some powders have a fine texture, while others may have a coarser feel.

Can Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder be used for bleeding gums?

Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder may help with bleeding gums as it often includes ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.

How long does Ayurvedic Dant Manjan Powder last?

The duration varies depending on usage frequency. Generally, a small amount is needed for each brushing session.

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